Farnborough International Airshow Connect

Following the cancellation of the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) 2020, Farnborough International has launched FIA Connect. Taking place on 20 – 24 July, the same week that the Airshow would have flown, FIA Connect is a virtual conference with a series of free-to-attend digital aerospace events.

The AGP is hosting a series of events throughout the week, with it’s main programme scheduled for the morning of Tuesday 21 July – See below for details.


AGP Webinar Series

Tuesday 21 July

0945 – 1100

Future of the Aerospace Industry – Restart, Recovery and Resilience

Join us for a discussion as we look ahead to the future of the aerospace industry as the sector restarts, including insights into:
• The impact of Covid-19 on the sector and the long term competitiveness of aviation and aerospace in the UK.
• Recovering and stabilizing the critical supply chains beyond the current crisis, including longer term restructuring and recapitalization.
• How the UK aerospace sector can, not just recover, but build back better and put in place policy measures to ensure the UK retains its market leading position for the long term.

1100 – 1200

Clean Flight – Path to Zero Emissions Aircraft

With the UK to host COP26 (in 2021) and its firm commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, join us for a discussion as we look at the journey to achieving zero emissions aircraft, including insights into:
• How the aerospace sector plans to support the Government’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
• The challenges we face and possible levers in the short and long term including, but not limited to, technology, Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Market Based Measures.

1200 – 1300

Innovation in Response to Covid-19

As the sector begins to look ahead post-Covid-19, we want to be able to understand the role of disruptive innovation within aerospace. Looking at the innovation in response to Covid-19, what lessons can be learnt and applied in the future. This session includes insights into:
• Industry innovation to support the national effort in tackling Covid-19.
• What is the role of disruptive innovation in the future of the aerospace sector and how can we ensure it is sustainable.

Wednesday 22 July

1200 – 1300

Aviation Sustainability & Market Based Measures

PWC and Roland Berger will be reporting on their findings from their respective Market Based Measures (MBM) reports. The intent is to have short briefings on PWC’s broad MBM report findings, and a summary of Roland Berger’s report finding on Aircraft FIRSt (scrappage scheme). PWC and Roland Berger will also be joined by representatives from Airlines and Industry for a discussion on the significance and impacts of MBM.

Friday 24 July

Personal Case Studies Series

On Friday 24 July Farnborough Connect focused on careers and skills – Farnborough Friday. This exciting showcase of the very best in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) was designed to give students, apprentices, graduates and young professionals considering a career in aerospace unprecedented access to the industry. With inspirational speakers from across aviation sharing their stories and offering advice on your next steps, Farnborough Friday was the perfect platform to take your first steps into the world of aerospace.
The AGP has collected a series of case studies from young professionals and Industry Leaders through the Industry to provide insights into the opportunities and diversity within the sector.

View Personal Case Studies here


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